Plant Medicine

The use of plants in healing, taking in traditional, ethnomedical and scientific perspectives

The use of plants in healing is as old as the human race itself. Plant medicine is the original medicine of humankind and represents the symbiosis of all species on earth

We are “hardwired”, in biological terms, to accept and respond to the special medicine of plants, and even pharmaceutical medicine tries to hitch a ride on this principle by appropriating, copying and mimicking the way that plants interact with the human organism.

Plants are also considered to have “energetic” properties

These properties are conceived as a dynamic interaction of plants with our bodies, for example in terms of warming, cooling, moistening or drying, nourishing or draining, stimulating or relaxing.

This comes from the understanding of ancient practices as still found around the world today in Traditional Chinese, Ayurvedic, but also European Greco-Roman medical traditions.

In addition, traditional medicine often accords plants the potential to affect our wellbeing on the subtler levels of our existence – the emotional, psychological and even spiritual.

In our practice, we select plants according to all or any of these criteria, with the client’s specific needs and goals uppermost in our minds.

We carry a large stock of herbal tinctures, teas, powders, oils and creams for almost any need, and we combine and blend these according to too the individual profile. Where possible we buy organic herbs, and in any event, we buy from trusted sources close to the profession. It is vital to us that the materials we work with are of the highest quality, as this is imperative for the success of our treatments.

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