Holistic Iridology

Iridology is the analysis of the iris, the coloured disk of the eye

“It is more interesting to know the person that has the disease, than to know the disease the person has.” (Hippocrates)

Iridology is the analysis of the iris, the coloured disk of the eye.  It is often referred to as diagnosis, however, we usually understand diagnosis as simply putting a name to a disease. What Iridology does, on the other hand, is to reveal the underlying constitutional factors that are important determinants of your state of health.

Iridology shows us the individual constitution and can highlight the pathway to ill-health, alert us to our hidden threats, and reveal our strengths and our true potential for self-healing.  Holistic Iridology works on the premise that there are no problems that you can have that do not contain within them the seeds of health and healing, and the focus of reading is always to discover your own unique pathway back to health – or perhaps to maintain and improve the level of health that you have.

We use specialist equipment in order to magnify and photograph the iris

The image will then be displayed on a screen and you will have the relevant features pointed out to you. Most patients find the process enlightening and fascinating.

An Iridology examination can also focus on your physical organs and systems to assess their inherent strength and function and any possible problems of toxic encumbrance of tissues.

In our practice, we also make an assessment of the energetic, psychological and emotional influences on your health. Peter has developed a specific process that he has termed “Iris Counselling” to describe the process of using the iris to empower you towards a greater level of self-managed health care.

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