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Anji and Peter Jackson-Main are a husband and wife team who have dedicated their lives to Natural Healing and Plant Medicine

Our Practice

We founded The Natural Centre in 1993

We conduct consultations in Cambridge (Anji) and London (Peter), and online. Our extensive experience bringing up four children and a host of cats and dogs makes us a great choice for anyone seeking to improve their individual and their family health through plant medicine and Natural Healing.

We will always work to empower you, seeking to help you understand the underlying reasons for your health issues and teaching simple, natural ways to overcome them.

We run a very well stocked herbal dispensary and a postal supplies service and can get pretty much any herb you want on request. We are committed to the highest standards in ethical growth and sourcing of medicines.

We are members of the following professional bodies

Peter Jackson-Main


I began my enquiry into Natural Healing soon after leaving Cambridge University in the mid-70s, prompted by my own health issues. Before finding the College of Herbs and Natural Healing I had already found and trained in Reflexology, Massage and Aromatherapy, Polarity Therapy and humanistic psychotherapy.

My research interests led me to a Master of Sciences degree in which, through an enquiry into ethnobotany and traditional medicine, I examined the nature of research itself and concluded that standard biomedical research models are ill-suited to assess complex interventions such as plant medicine and natural healing. I have worked extensively withing the herbal and naturopathic community to promote the self-determination of the profession and navigate the legislative environment surrounding the use of natural medicines.

I have a special interest in Iridology, which again I have been keen to rescue from certain popular misconceptions, and have developed a practice which I call Iris Counselling, which maximises the potential for personal self-evaluation and empowerment in health. My book Practical Iridology was published in 2004 and is still selling well around the world.

I am currently Academic Director, Head of Research, and Course Director for Herbal Medicine at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM).

I am also a working musician with a back-catalogue of self-penned songs and recordings, as well as a specialist interest in Arabian music, playing percussion in an Arab Takht ensemble.

Anji Jackson-Main


I studied Herbal Medicine, Natural Healing and Iridology in the early 1990’s in the College of Herbs and Natural Healing. I have also studied Polarity Therapy, Naturopathy, Plant Essences and Plant Spirit Medicine.

I have a special interest in the natural treatment of animals, having been strongly influenced by the work of Juliette de Bairacli Levy long before I was professionally trained.

In the mid-80s I studied dance and spent 20 years teaching dance and movement and as a professional choreographer.

I teach Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy and Iridology at degree level for the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM).

I am also a practising artist (painter) with a Master of Fine Art (MFA) degree, and I sell work internationally. I have made a specific study of the connection between painting and healing, and emphasizes the healing properties of my work.

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