Natural Healing

Simplicity, Responsibility, Change

Our bodies are designed to heal and mend naturally

If they were not we would not survive. The power to heal any illness therefore resides deep within our tissues and cells. There are tried and tested methods to activate this power, but first, we may have to abandon some hitherto popular myths about health and healing.

Rethinking Healing

The practice of Natural Healing in your own life takes in the following key areas where improvements might be made

Food and Drink

We live in an age where dietary advice is virtually on every street corner, and yet we are still confused.  We specialise in giving practical, individualised advice based upon our assessment of your needs and your constitution.



We all need to move our bodies, but this should an enjoyable as well as a healthful activity. What do you enjoy? Is it sport? Yoga? something else? A conversation with us can enable you to put your finger on your own needs and preferences.


Sleep Quality

Let’s face it, if you don’t sleep well, you are probably not going to feel well, and you are very likely to be overdrawn on your own energy reserves. The reasons for poor sleep are various, from the obvious causes such as stress and anxiety to unsuspected causes such as digestion and liver issues. Correct assessment is vital in the quest to solve these issues.


Stress Management and Self-Care

One of the most difficult negotiations you can enter is with yourself in terms of the time you make to de-stress and regenerate. Finding time for those pursuits that give your life that special quality is not easy in this frenetic world. It often comes down to that critical balance between work, rest and play. Is there a way you can adjust the balance in favour of yourself?


Relationships and Social Life

Most of us are social beings, and there is an abundance of hard medical evidence that suggests that we are more susceptible to certain conditions (for example cardiovascular disease, the number 1 killer in our society) when isolated and lonely. Finding ways to connect with others is a way to increase enjoyment and meaning in your life.


Elimination and Detoxification

It is truly said that what goes in must come out! And if it doesn’t then presumably it gets stuck somewhere… The accumulation of metabolic waste products is one of the biggest causes of ill health – second only to stress, which itself can also be the cause of toxic waste retention. We can help you to assess levels of accumulation in your own organs and tissues, and offer you gentle yet powerful ways to stimulate your body’s natural pathways of detoxification and elimination.


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Healing is a Journey: Embark now and take command!