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Our approach rests on the premise that Nature is the one and only true healer. Our job is to help you find ways in which you can activate that powerful vital force in your own lives.

There has never been a better time to learn the methods of self-directed health care. Find out how we can assist you in achieving lasting and vibrant good health, based upon your individual needs and constitution

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The Natural Centre Shop

We aim to sell a range of educational charts and books, both hard copy and electronic, as well as some popular herbal tea blends.

Training & Education

We offer training at various levels in the subjects that we practise these might include basic wellness skills for everyday living, including the use of plant medicines; professional training in Iridology, both diploma level and postgraduate, and including Peter’s specialist training in Iris Counselling; mentoring seminars for new practitioners of Herbal Medicine and Iridology.