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About Natural Healing

Your body is designed to heal itself: if it were not we wouldn’t survive for long, as every injury or illness would threaten our lives!  The “Healing Power of Nature”, prized by the ancients as the only true source of healing, is the innate life force that exists within each one of us.  In biomedical terms this is evident in the ongoing cycle of cellular growth and replacement, and the process of “inflammation”, which is the body’s in-built rescue and repair mechanism.  All this takes place within the finely tuned parametres of “homeostasis”, the mechanism by which the body maintains its temperature, pressure, electrolyte balance and other life-supporting processes.

Natural Healing works to restore these functions by strengthening and nourishing organs and systems that may be injured or weak, removing excesses of metabolic waste products, balancing lifestyle - work, rest and play, and modulating stress levels (stress is being recognised increasingly as one the main “killers” of our time).

To do this we use what Nature provides: foods and herbs form the basis of the regimes we work with, but we will also take a detailed “case history” to determine whether there are any changes in lifestyle that may be required.

Natural Healing emphasises natural, non-invasive, non-toxic remedies that gently work to support and repair cells, tissues and physiological processes.  The primary directive is the Hippocratic injunction “Do No Harm”.   This is not merely about “curing” an illness or making symptoms disappear: it is about creating a level of health that you may only have dreamed of prior to this experience.  Many people first notice changes on the very subtle level: “I feel more like myself”, or “I feel better in myself”.  This feeling of well-being is the first step towards freeing up your body’s powers of self-regeneration and self healing.

Most Natural Healing is common sense, however you do have to take responsibility and make the changes.  In this, you are the one who heals yourself: no-one does it for you. 

Take Command and Start your Journey to Positive Health NOW!   (You’ll never know until you try)

Disclaimer: No advice issued on this website is intended to replace appropriate medical care.  If in doubt about your health please consult a qualified medical professional